Kol Mevaseret


Each year, MMY publishes a Torah Journal called Kol Mevaseret, with most articles written by the students themselves. The purpose of this journal is to showcase our students' accomplishments, and to allow others to learn from them as well. These articles are examples of serious scholarship, real "Chidushei Torah" resulting from hours of probing analysis and reflective thought within the walls of our Bet Midrash. We are extremely proud of Kol Mevaseret, as we feel it is one of the best ways to demonstrate what MMY is really all about.

Below are online versions of all editions since 5761, as well as the Special Anniversary Edition that we published for the Mevaseret Institutions Inaugural Dinner in May, 2002, which contains selected articles from the first four editions.

Anniversary Edition 2002    
Kol Mevaseret 5761 Kol Mevaseret 5767 Kol Mevaseret 5773
Kol Mevaseret 5762 Kol Mevaseret 5768 Kol Mevaseret 5774
Kol Mevaseret 5763 Kol Mevaseret 5769 Kol Mevaseret 5775
Kol Mevaseret 5764 Kol Mevaseret 5770  Kol Mevaseret 5776
Kol Mevaseret 5765 Kol Mevaseret 5771  Kol Mevaseret 5777
Kol Mevaseret 5766 Kol Mevaseret 5772  Kol Mevaseret 5778
Kol Mevaseret 5779    
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