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Please reserve a space for me at YSMZ. I agree to be in attendance for the entire and complete academic year (beginning September 6, 2016), to attend all classes and activities, fulfill all academic requirements and adhere to all policies, rules and regulations.

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I recognize that by registering my son for YSMZ, I am committing to abide by the schedule of payments listed on the financial information page. (If I choose to register my son for the Yeshiva University Joint Israel Program, I will send a copy of the confirmation letter by May 9, and confirmation of payments when available.) I also realize that the $3300 registration fee is not refundable under any circumstances, and I agree to the financial refund policy. I am enclosing the $3300 registration fee, and I will arrange for the balance of tuition (via FACTS for the July 7 and October 3 payments or Yeshiva University documents) by May 9, 2016.

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As explained on the financial information page, the non-refundable registration deposit is $3300.

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