My MMY~Where Are They Now?


Sara Munk, MMY 5761

(Toronto, Canada, Assistant Principal)

To this day, I think I still may be the only MMY alumnus who had a “Shana Gimmel”. I didn’t really go Shana Gimmel though. After my first year in MMY (14 years ago!), I went to Stern and started as a Biology major. I took Bio and Chem with labs, and needless to say worked pretty hard. But something felt like it was missing. I thought about switching to Barnard, applied to transfer and got in. For a reason I still don’t know, I wrote to Rabbi Katz to ask his opinion. He suggested switching colleges wasn’t going to help solve my feeling of emptiness; we discussed the possibility that I come back for a semester in MMY. I thought this was crazy. Six months later, I was on the plane to Israel.

It was during those extra four months in Israel that I realized I wanted to be involved with Jewish Education. When I was younger, I would tell my parents all the time that I wanted to be a Chumash teacher. I graduated Stern after 3 semesters and luckily landed a job with Kushner Yeshiva High School teaching Tanach. I got my masters in Jewish Education from Azrieli while I was teaching. The first few years were so tough. I would wake up at 5 in the morning to prepare because I was too tired at night after a full day of teaching. As time went on and I gained more experience I was able to concentrate on becoming a better teacher. I also started coaching the girls’ basketball team, which for those who know me should be no surprise. I loved being able to educate in a completely different way outside of the classroom. Over the course of time I developed a course in modern Jewish History. Since my second year in education I was also working as the Israel Guidance Counselor. This gave me the privilege of being able to continue my relationship with MMY. While working with MMY in this realm, I saw what a well-run and professional institution it was.

I think the turning point of my career was when I met my husband, Netanel. He comes from a family of educators and he was a good sounding board for my educational ideas. We got married in December of 2008 and have since had 3 children: Gadi, 5, Orly, 3, and Dani, 1. A year and a half ago we moved to Toronto. We both got great jobs here- Netanel as a personal injury lawyer and me as an assistant principal in Ulpanat Orot. It has been a real journey to say the least. We live with no family here and knew almost no one when we came, but are slowly acclimating to the community and climate.

Upon reflection, it is very hard to articulate what MMY has provided for me in mere words. But for certain I know that I received the religious foundation I needed to get to the point that I am today. I developed the love and desire for learning that helped give me the knowledge and skills I need to teach. I was exposed to role models who exemplified what it meant to live a life dedicated to Torah. I remember the particular impact going on Heritage had. It deepened my sense of Jewish identity and connection to Israel. I also made the greatest friends while in MMY, and while I am not the greatest at keeping in touch, the friendships I made endure until today. I feel honored to be able to continue my relationship with MMY and hope that it continues for many years to come.

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