Upcoming Alumnae Events

An active Alumnae Association hosts many gatherings and learning opportunities throughout the year, in Israel as well as in various communities throughout the Diaspora.



As Yerushalayim celebrates 50 years, MMY has an anniversary of its own - 20 years of Talmidot! (including our current students, its 21, but 20 at the time of writing there are 20 years old Alumnae, not that we use that word :))

To celebrate, we are inviting the first 4 classes, MMY 5757 - 5760, to a get-together (Chas v'shalom would we call it a "reunion", despite the image above!) on Chol HaMoed Sukkot; Sunday, October 8th 2017! 

The evening will be an opportunity to catch up with friends, rabbanim and teachers, reminisce, discover the (new) MMY building, share memories and words of Torah.

Invitations will be sent out this summer, but in the meantime - save the date and make sure to spread the word to other MMY Talmidot.  

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