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Esther Sterlin's Wedding

By Sarita Weltman

Excitement filled the air as 20 girls piled on to the sherut. We were on our way to Esther’s wedding! Esther is an assistentit in the Beit Midrash during night seder. We were so happy we were able to join in her celebration.  We entered the wedding hall which was flooded with people, all of whom were there for the beautiful bride and her chattan. The kallah was deep in prayer before entering the chuppah. She was glowing and the room was filled with such holiness and purity. We made our way to the chuppah outside. It started to rain. People were huddling together with their coats and umbrellas listening to the meaningful blessings of the rabbi. The rain was a blessing within itself since it is very rare for Israel. We proceeded to the dining hall and we danced with the kallah and had the time of our lives. Let me tell you something about Esther, she always has a smile on her face, she is always ready to assist girls when they have questions during night seder, and she truly cares about all the students at MMY. It was such a privilege to see her under the chuppah and celebrate a new chapter in her life.

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