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We Dreamed a Dream!


What a great evening it was! On Motzei Shabbat, January 18, MMY competed in the annual Yeshiva University choir competition to raise money for Tzedakah via an organization called "Kedma". For weeks before we had countless practices led by our heads Ariella Freedman, Elisheva Rosenwasser, Adina Schwartz and Jordyn Wasserman. We also had an incredible dance that was performed, in sync with the singing, headed by Keili Cohen and Allie Buchsbaum. They worked day and night to put together a beautiful performance. Thanks to Hudy Rosenberg and Adina Fink, who were in charge of creating gorgeous costumes for the dancers and singers. 

Performance night came and after Shabbat we all made it to the Ramada hotel for the show. We were last out of 15 performances. Each school chose a theme within the larger theme of "Songs of Hope" and chose songs that represented their theme. MMY's costumes of star headbands represented our theme that was dreams. 


We waited through all the performances and finally it was our turn. We marched onto stage with confidence and huge smiles. We sang our hearts out and gave our best performance. We were ranked 2nd place and we were able to celebrate with a pizza party that MMY so nicely gave us. Even though there was some confusion with the actual winners, everyone handled it very maturely and we were thrilled to ultimately find out we were one of the winners. Working together
b'achdut was such an amazing thing to be a part of; I really felt the true sense of unity which was the ultimate goal of the evening.

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