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MMY – As Good As Gold

mmy gold sheild


MMY is proud to announce that we have received Yeshiva University's "Gold Shield" upon successfully completing a reaccreditation process this past spring.

Several years ago, Yeshiva University set out to insure that the programs affiliated with their S. Daniel Abraham Joint Israel Program meet gold standard levels of "quality assurance" and that the academic standards of their affiliated institutions are worthy of receiving their stamp of approval which comes with the college credits they provide. After several years it finally became MMY's turn to undergo this rigorous evaluation.  This process isn’t completely unique as most schools, YU included, go through a similar process from their local accrediting bodies (in YU's case it is Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges).

After MMY submitted a very detailed self-assessment document earlier in the year, several members of the Yeshiva University administration spent a full day observing MMY, meeting with the administration, the faculty and students, as well speaking with alumnae – those presently in Stern College, graduated from Stern College as well as students who didn’t attend Stern at all.  Every detail of our self-assessment was analyzed and reviewed.

And of course, as predicted, the reports were glowing! The YU team had a chance to witness our Beit Medrash first-hand to see how MMY integrates individualized textual learning with frontal classes. In the meetings with the faculty we discussed appropriate models for guidance and making sure that the difficult issues on the agenda of the Jewish community, both in Israel and in the United States, are presented in a balanced and nuanced manner. With our students the team was able to see how available and open the teachers are and how personal conversations in the halls, at meals – and not just in the classroom – are what makes the MMY atmosphere so special.

In addition, the MMY administration was able to benefit from "fresh eyes" and was able to learn new strategies in education as presented by the expert team from YU. We learned strategies for better professional development (link to article about staff training evening) and for mentoring young staff.

Most of all it was invigorating to hear from an outside and impartial body how special a place MMY really is!