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Staff Spiritual Development Workshop

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The MMY staff is always striving to learn new approaches towards best educating our students.  On a recent Monday night, while the students had their weekly night off, teachers and staff took time out to participate in an evening of professional development and to learn together as a group.

Led by MMY’s very own Mrs. Mali Brofsky, MSW, the MMY faculty discussed the importance of connecting spiritually to learning; what is normally and naturally considered to be an intellectual activity.  Mrs. Brofsky’s presentation of an approach to combining textual study and analysis with an emotional internalization process, prompted an invigorating discussion of the importance of helping our students to fully appreciate the inter-connectivity of all that they learn; from Machshava, to Halacha, and everything in between.  

The evening was a wonderful opportunity for the staff to take a break from the ongoing preparation of course outlines and materials, and instead to focus on their own spiritual growth, thereby enabling the staff to better help the students.
MMY's mission of "Learn, Think, Grow, Connect" was certainly reinforced and strengthened via this wonderful workshop!

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