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Holocaust Survivor Speaks for Yom HaShoah

by Talya Molotsky

yom hashoah picMMY unanimously sang the praises of Mrs.Eisenman, our guest speaker (click here to listen) for Yom Hashoah.

Mrs. Eisenman  was sent to us by "The Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel" (an amazing organization started by holocaust survivors to assist needy survivors in israel and enable them to live with dignity - for more information click here) and the Jerusalem Municipality.  Mrs. Eisenman works with the Foundation to address the issue of loneliness of survivors.

A child survivor of Auschwitz,  Dr. Mengele, and numerous other terrors of the Shoah, Mrs. Eisenman came to tell over some of her experiences.  Girls described Mrs. Eisenman as "inspiring" and "brave" and were particularly impressed with her thoughts about God and her experiences. She described that she does not believe in God; she said it's not a matter of belief because she lives with God every second and He is a part of her.  She is a prime example of someone with "Emunah Pshutah," an extremely high level of faith in God.


Everyone was captivated with her honesty and willingness to answer everyone's questions. A retired psychologist, she has added many talents to her repertoire over the years, including artistry and writing books.

This was the pinnacle of a special Yom Hashoah that included commemorating the Shoah with the national siren, a viewing of "Hiding and Seeking," and a presentation comprised of readings from the girls and Rabbi Katz.

Click here to listen to a recording of Mrs. Eisenman's talk.

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