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MMY Wins Second Place in Kedma/YU Choir Competition 5773!

by Talia Molotsky

 MMY 5773 Choir performs at the Annual Choir Competition

Motzaei Shabbat Parshat Beshalach was an exciting night for the talmidot of MMY!  After many months of practicing for the Kedma/Yeshiva University Annual Choir Competition, the girls saw the fruits of their labor with a successful performance that won them second place in the competition.  Most of the female staff were present to support the students, and almost every single current student was present as well.

The night was filled with singing, dancing, instrumental music, Divrei Torah, and a LOT of screaming. 15 seminaries participated in an audience of over a thousand women (and what sounded like 10,000 voices!)  Dean Bacon of Stern College was also among the audience members.  

This year's event raised money for mothers of cancer patients. The girls held an auction ("Chanukah Palooza") which both raffled and auctioned off prizes from the students and teachers. We designed and sold t-shirts as well.

The choir production was entirely student-directed, from beginning to end. This gives a number of students an excellent opportunity to take leadership roles within the school, in addition to being great fun for everyone. Talia Molotsky was the head of the production. She was assisted by the fundraising head, Rebecca Grossman, and the other choir heads Adina Ehrlich, Becky Shachter, and Dana Weinstein.

As the show got closer, even a few of the alumnae who were visiting MMY for Winter Break came and helped out as well. More than half of the school participated in the production which included 33 singers, 6 dancers, and 1 girl playing the bongos. I think everyone would agree that the whole experience was a great bonding opportunity!

Below is a copy of the program handed out to the judges explaining the performance medley:

MMY presents "מאפלה לאורה", the transition from גלות to גאולה in ארץ ישראל.
"שומר ישראל" is presenting the ever-lasting cry for 'ה's protection, portrayed by a father leaving his daughter to go to war.
"שא נא עיניך" takes you back to the time of אברהם אבינו at ברית בין הבתרים, being promised the land of ארץ ישראל . אברהם's progeny come to dance.
"A Thousand Years" signifies our consistent love and longing for ירושלים over the thousands of years.
"ירושלים הרים סביב לה", tehillim attributed to דוד, portrays דוד overcoming his enemies and capturing ירושלים.
Finally, "Cry No More" is בנ"י reaching their goal of גאולה with משיח's arrival.

Stage right depicts the גלות with girls dressed in black and representing מלחמה. The assorted shades of gray in the center are the transition from גלות by means of כנפי נשרים. Finally the girls in white on stage left adorned in crowns represent מלכות at the time that משיח comes.

May he arrive במהרה בימינו. Enjoy the show!