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Welcome to Our New Website!

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We are very excited to present MMY's new and improved website!

Besides the new look, this website contains tools for prospective students, parents, Alumnae and the Baka community.

For the prospective student and her parents, check out MMY's Mission and Hashkafa, take a tour of the surrounding neighborhood or around MMY's beautiful new building! 

For those who are not able to physically sit in MMY's Bet Midrash right now, we have now integrated with YU Torah, making it easier to find shiurim given by MMY Rabbaim and Teachers! Search by category, Rabbi or Teacher's name, series, audio, text and more. 

See our "Shiurim" page! 

You can also subscribe to receive the most recent shiurim by email so you'll never miss a beat! 

Another new feature is the “My MMY” page.

This is the place that prospective students and Alumnae alike will enjoy watching video journals by current MMY students that express what “their MMY” is. It is also the place to read about what our amazing Alumnae have done since their MMY days.
(If any of our alumnae are interested in submitting a video journal or blog entry of what it was like for her as an MMY student or how MMY helped shape the person she is today, please be in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

On our home page we will keep you updated with the latest shiurim, photos, MMY news, Mazal Tovs, video journals and events. 

Our website also takes advantage of social media! Updates in the "What's New?" box on our home page are coming straight from MMY's Twitter feed, so you can follow us and always be updated on 'what's new' with your MMY family. Enjoyed a shiur you just listened to on our website or want to let a friend know about an upcoming event at MMY? Share, tweet, pintrest or whatever it!

Please take a look around and enjoy the new features MMY's Website has to offer you!

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