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"Shiur Bashetach" -Β Learning on Location


Tiyulim in MMY are fun and enjoyable - but they are also part of the learning. Wherever we travel around the country to hike its beautiful mountains and valleys, we always carry a Tanach with us so that we can benefit from the unique opportunity to study Tanach where it actually occurred.

In addition to that, this year we started a new program taking advantage of MMY's location in an extremely important and historic location - just outside of the Old City, in thShuir Bashetech2e valley known as "Emek Refaim" where King David faught an important battle against the Plishtim, and situated directly on the ancient mountain road that led towards Jerusalem from the South.

The program will consist of three learning days throughout the year, each of which begins in the Bet Midrash and continues in the streets right outside our home.  We had the first of these days on Isru Chag Sukkot. We started in the Bet Midrash with a shiur by Rabbi Haber, and then we walked out of MMY, down Derech Chevron and over to Ir David, where we walked through the ancient ruins to better understand what we had just learned.

A second day is scheduled in November, on the "Tayelet" right across the street from MMY, and a third one in March, when we will again return to the Old City

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