MMY's Mission

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At MMY you will:

LEARN Torah on a very high level.
THINK about issues, relate them to your life and develop your personal hashkafa.
GROW spiritually as you internalize the beauty and messages of Torah into your life.
CONNECT with  the Land, People and State of Israel.



MMY students are a small, select and diverse group of Bnot Torah who come together for the same goals: LEARNING, THINKING, GROWING and CONNECTING with Israel.  It all begins in our vibrant Bet Midrash, where they study b'chavruta and confront Torah texts directly.

Quickly, the girls become a very close-knit group that resembles a family as much as a school. They create strong bonds with one another, learning to respect each other’s individuality as they build a sense of common purpose and destiny. Friendships formed at MMY are deep-rooted and enduring.


Relationships with teachers extend far beyond the classroom to include Shabbat visits, personal conversations and even chavrutot.  The structure of our staff ensures that there are staff members available to get to know each and every talmida, and to ensure that all of her needs are taken care of.  The great majority of classes are taught by teachers who are in MMY for many hours each week.  Mechanchot – senior female teachers – give weekly shiurim to the entire school in addition to their regular classes.


Rakazot give weekly chaburot in small groups and are available for several hours each week during the afternoon break, to get to know the students, learn with them and discuss whatever issues are on their minds.  Madrichot in their early twenties live in the dormitory, provide direct supervision and serve as role models to the talmidot.  Our Em Bayit and Yoetzet (who is a licensed clinical social worker) provide adult guidance and care to the girls. 


The teacher/student relationship should last for a lifetime.  Many talmidot maintain ongoing regularQuotes former-student correspondence with their teachers even many years after their “formal” time in MMY is over. 

Our website features frequently updated, online shiurim for the benefit of those who can’t physically join us in the Bet Midrash. And we also sponsor an active Alumnae Association that hosts many gatherings and learning opportunities throughout the year, in Israel as well as in various communities throughout the Diaspora.



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