Following the classical style of Yeshivot, our learning revolves around chavruta study in the Bet Midrash. Most of the classes are taught in 2-hour blocks, with about half of this time devoted to chavruta preparation.

     Through learning in this way, you will develop your skills beyond what you may think is possible. learn middle picThe weekly schedule is structured and organized – the textual courses all meet twice or three times per week. This ensures continuity and enables the students to develop proficiency and expertise in those areas of study.  Our annual journal Kol Mevaseret gives talmidot a chance to put these skills into practice by writing and publishing their chidushei Torah.


     Every student devotes four or six hours a week to the study of Hilchot Shabbat and also takes at least one major Tanach course and at least a few 2learn middle pichours per week of Machshava. You can structure the rest of your week with whatever subjects interest you and serve your needs: Tanach, Parshanut, Gemara, Halacha, Machshava, or even some Mussar or Chassidut. Each time slot has courses with a variety of styles and emphases: some focus on skills and methodology, others on textual analysis and others on knowledge and information.







To read more indepth about some of the courses mentioned below see our course catalog .

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