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 Conversations about philosophical issues, life decisions and “hashkafa” follow a similar pattern to discussions of Halacha or Tanach – different opinions are presented with sources to back them up, and the various sides of the issue are debated. In this way, we train our students to be independent, critical thinkers who hold strong Torah-based opinions while understanding and respecting other positions.


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 After all, each person is a unique individual. We teach and discuss the principle that each person needs to grow at herthink4 own pace and in her own way, within the confines of Torah and Halacha. The beautiful result is that our students are as diverse when they leave MMY as they were when they entered. On any given day in our Bet Midrash, dining room, hallways and


dorm rooms, one can hear lively conversations and debates among students and teachers alike, regarding the best way for a person to follow the Torah and serve Hashem. We discuss issues, analyze them and at times disagree with each other, always in a spirit of friendship, caring and deep mutual respect. Ultimately, this leads us to a deeper understanding of the radiant truth and multi-faceted complexity of the Torah.



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