MMY's Hashkafa


Rebecca Grossman, MMY 5773

I grew up in Merrick, NY, which is about as close to out-of-town as you can be while still being in Nassau County. I graduated from HANC in 2012. I was actively involved with New York NCSY all four years of high school. When it came time to choose a seminary, there was no question in my mind that I was going to MMY. I had known by the time I hit eleventh grade that I wanted to go to MMY. I had advisors and friends who had gone to MMY and I looked up to them as role models of the type of person I wanted to be.

It has been almost four and a half years since I left MMY. And what an amazing four and half years it has been! I graduated from the University of Maryland with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. I interned at Sikorsky Aircraft, a helicopter company in Stratford, Connecticut, for eight months. I worked on the CH53K “King’s Stallion” which is their heavy-lift helicopter. The helicopter is huge. If you have ever seen a Blackhawk, this thing could swallow it. I have volunteered on two Israeli army bases. I spent three and a half weeks in Europe. And in July, I started a job as Accenture as a technology analyst. I work on front-end web development, graphic design, project management and more. I love my job!

In addition to all that, I also had the opportunity to intern at The Boeing Company last summer. I lived in Seattle and it was incredible. I tested out electrical systems, watched test flights, flew the simulators and explored all the planes. When I flew to Europe on a 747, I convinced the flight crew to let me go up to the upper deck after we landed. The pilot then invited me into the cockpit. He took the picture above. After spending three months working at Boeing, I finally know how planes fly: magic.

Seattle is an awesome city. If you are ever looking for a place to visit, I highly recommend it. The people are cool, the hiking and views are spectacular and do not forget the flying fish stand at Pike Place Market. Thereis even a Sefardi family that has a fish stand and they have special knives for kosher customers. If I wasn’t planning to make Aliyah, I would definitely move to Seattle.

Reflecting on the past four and a half years, I know that I could never have done it without MMY. MMY allowed me to build strong skills in my learning along with strong connections to friends and teachers. My learning skills have allowed me to continue my learning and growth no matter where I am, whether in College Park, Connecticut, Seattle, or Germany. In moments of hardship, I knew I could reach out to any of the staff and they would be able to guide me. MMY also gave me the tools to develop my own nuanced hashkafa and approach to Torah and halacha. I have been able to merge my love of engineering and science with my love of Torah. For me, engineering is part of my avodat Hashem. I have been able to embrace all of these incredible opportunities because I see them as opportunities to grow personally and religiously. I will forever be grateful to my experience in MMY and the MMY family for giving me everything I need to succeed. 

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