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I had the privilege of learning in MMY in 2004/2005, one of the most influential, enjoyable and exciting years of my life! I made friends with people from all over the world, some of whom are still amongst my closest friends. After leaving MMY, I began studying Economics at London’s City University. As much as I enjoyed university, my true passion was in community work and Jewish Education – two major influences as a direct result from my time in MMY.

After marrying my husband in 2007, and the birth of our son in 2009, a work opportunity for my husband presented itself in Hong Kong. Having lived my entire life in my beloved Golders Green community in London, it seemed that I would be moving to half way across the world to a very different Jewish community in Asia.  We agreed we would give it a shot as a short-term experience, a stepping-stone for our family before settling in Israel.

As expected, the move was hard for me - I had left behind everything I had ever known, and I was lonely and scared. I remember thinking I would tolerate it for a year and then we would move on. Five years on, and two beautiful daughters later, I truly consider this one of the most incredible places in the world. I live in a community that is amazingly unique and diverse. Jews from all walks of life have an affiliation to Judaism, and an unwavering bond. I have continued my passions here, and am actively involved in both the Jewish school and community. I am a member of the Shul Management committee, and I am the Pre-School Jewish Studies teacher.

MMY influences my life every day, in ways I never imagined it would. Religious life is very challenging, without the structures of a large religious community, but at the same time I am given opportunities here I would never have elsewhere. We have a table full of guests every Shabbat, and have the chance to practice true Hachnasat Orchim, providing Jews from all walks of life their first Shabbat experience, as well as providing others a home away from home. The responsibility of being one of the few frum Jews here, forces me to constantly be aware of my role as an ambassador for a religious way of life. It is for this main reason that I believe that my year at MMY, as well as being a part of the MMY family, still resonates deeply. It cemented the strength I need to live a fully religious life in a more challenging environment, something I am eternally grateful for.

Hong Kong remains a stepping-stone before Israel, and we do still plan to, please G-d, make Aliyah, but I will always be grateful for my experience here, and look forward to what lies ahead! And… if you are ever find yourself in Hong Kong – please be in touch! 

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