MMY's Hashkafa

‎‫פקודי ה' ישרים משמחי לב‬The study and observance of Torah has the ability to enlighten, inspire, uplift and transform us. In MMY, we have created a unique all-encompassing environment that allows our talmidot to develop themselves intellectually, emotionally and spiritually and begin to achieve their full potential.


There are four main elements to our approach:



Torah on a very high level

  • ‏We believe that Torah study for women must be conducted seriously, intellectually & analytically.
  • Choices and flexibility allow you to build your perfect schedule.

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Develop your hashkafa

  • We teach our students not only how to learn, but also how to think.
  • We are deeply committed to the idea that no one form of religious expression is right for everyone.

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Spiritual Growth

  • At MMY, we believe that the purpose of all learning must be to inspire & develop genuine religious growth.
  • We observe many Chagim and special events together as a group.
  • Several aspects of our weekly schedule help create the atmosphere.

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The Israel Experience

  • At MMY, we firmly believe that both Eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel) and Medinat Yisrael (the modern State of Israel) must be central in the life of every Jew.

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