Spiritual Growth



Indeed, the religious-growth MMY-Quotes websites-highest value one can aspire to is to become an Ovedet Hashem: to serve Hashem with all of her heart, soul and might.  When we learn Halacha, it is first and foremost in order to learn how to act.  When we study Tanach and its commentaries, Gemara or Machshava, we do so in order to understand the messages of Torah and integrate them into our being.

grow chanukaThis is in order to further this spirit of chagim MMY-Quotes websites-camaraderie and developing our Avodat Hashem together. Rosh Hashana in MMY is legendary – we are joined by our Rabbis and their families for powerfully uplifting tefillot – and on Yom Kippur we offer the option of tefillot at our affiliated Yeshivat Shaarei Mevaseret Zion. On Purim we dance and eat our seuda together, on Yom HaAtzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim we celebrate Medinat Yisrael together and on Hoshana Rabba and Shavuot we stay up and learn all night together.

grow atmosphere MMY-Quotes websites-This includes the short “mussar shmooze” at the beginning of Sunday’s Night Seder, the guest speakers on Monday evenings and Wednesday’s Night Seder with the Rakazot, which generally focusses on issues of personal growth and development, values and spirituality. Also, each student devotes some each week to an organized chessed program.

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