Fun and learning come together on our many tiyulim in MMY.tiyual ahuva

One of the special parts of living and learning in Eretz Yisrael, a land rich in the history of our people, is that the Torah we learn is not theoretical-it is alive in the land around us.
Bekiyut b'Nach program: One of the unique programs in MMY is our Bekiyut b'Nach program, in which girls learn 6-10 prakim of Navi per week, with a weekly shiur to go over what we learned and explore themes and transformations. By the end of the year, the girls have finished learning all of Neviim Rishonim.
tiual tanachThis is an incredible opportunity that allows students to see Tanach in its macro-form, covering a lot of material to gain a big picture of the Nach reality. In order to enhance the unbelievable breadth of material that we learn, we put the learning to action by going out to the places the stories actually took place and studying on-location. Our learning is more meaningful and memorable when we have the opportunity to add an image to the words, especially when covering all of Neviim Rishonim, which took place in its entirety, in Eretz Yisrael.

Our Shabbatonim serve a similar fun-and-educational purpose. Most of our Shabbatons are away-Shabbatons, when we go to different cities and communities in Israel. By doing this, we expose the talmidot to many different lifestyles, communities, and families in Eretz Yisrael. This gives the talmidot a better grasp of the reality of living in Eretz Yisrael, and a wider picture of the diversity of communities that exist here. Talmidot have the chance to meet different types of Israeli families first hand, either by staying at their houses, eating meals with them, or hearing them speak during Shabbatons. We believe this greatly enhances their Eretz Yisrael experience.

    •    4 "In Shabbatot" - when we stay in the dorm for Shabbat with specialpics for Tiyul Page programming
    •    Rosh Hashanah and Shavuot in MMY
    •    Yom Kippur - optionally - at Yeshivat Shaarei Mevaseret Zion 
    •    Tzfat
    •    Yad Binyamin
    •    Yerucham
    •    Mitzpeh Rimon
    •    Bet Shemesh
    •    Bnei Brak
    •    Chevron
    •    Moshav Keshet
TIYULIM to locations such as:
    •    Tel Azeika
    •    Ashdod beach
    •    Galil 3-4 day overnight 
    •    Harei Yehuda
    •    The South
    •    Dead Sea area (hiking, jeeping, rock-climbing)
    •    Yad Vashem/ Har Herzl
    •    Negev 3-4 day overnight (Eilat)
    •    Old City of Yerushalayim / Southern Wall / Ir David
    •    Gush Etzion
    •    Golan 3-4 day overnight 

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