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MMY's chessed program is intended to instill within our talmidot with the value of gmilut chassadim. It is our firm belief that the development and religious growth of our talmidot is not complete without giving to others, specifically, those less fortunate in our own community. For this reason, we dedicate one afternoon a week for our chessed program.


Girls are placed in various chessed assignments based on their individual interests. Many of the chessed assignments are in Baka, specifically involving our talmidot in the needs of our immediate neighborhood, in order to take an active part in building our community. During chessed, most girls work with individuals and families, enabling them to cultivate relationships as well.



Chesed assignments include:

    Hospital visits to the oncology ward at Ein Kerem
    Medical clowning (in conjunction with Kedma)
    Assisting children with special needs
    Ezrat Avot - food packing for the needy
    "Adopt a bubby"
    Assisting individuals with disabilities
    Keren Or center for the blind
    Assisting a family with extra needs
    Bet Bart - old age home in Baka
    Kfar Yeladim - home for children from broken homes
    Chayeinu - accompanying children with cancer
    Midreshset Darkeinu - learning with young adults with special needs

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