MMY 84

By: Rabbi Yonatan Emmett

"וְשָׂמַחְתָּ בְּחַגֶּךָ... וְהָיִיתָ אַךְ שָׂמֵח" - “You shall rejoice on your festival… and you will be completely joyous” (Deuteronomy 16:14-15). This Sukkot related Pasuk, or distorted abbreviation of two Psukim to be precise, is one we are all too familiar with. Due to over-popularization achieved through the medium of song, it has gained the status of a Sukkot icon, and no Sukkot meal is complete without the traditional few rounds of"וְשָׂמַחְתָּ בְּחַגֶּךָ... וְהָיִיתָ אַךְ שָׂמֵח".

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  By Joy Feinberg

We’ve been here a little over a week at MMY, and forgive me for being so cliché but it feels like I have been here for months. Already some of us (those not in the dinner plan MMY offers) have been able to cook our own dinners, buy our own groceries, do our own laundry and behave like true adults. For some of us, it is our first real time away from home and on our own. But for all of us, it is our first concrete steps out of the more sheltered lives we’ve been living since childhood. 

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