A Dream Becomes Reality

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Summer vacation – anyone who works in the field of education relies on it to recharge the batteries and to prepare for the upcoming year. This past summer in Israel, vacation and recharging were certainly not to be had as all Israelis had to cope with sirens and middle of the night trips to protected rooms. Mrs. Sharon Isaacson, Assistant Director of MMY, spent her vacation creating a new project in the Bet Shemesh area. The MMYers in the class of 5774 were very much aware of the tensions that took place in recent months in Bet Shemesh as, throughout the contentious election year, the issues at hand were discussed in Mrs. Isaacson's various classes. In an effort to raise the level of awareness towards a goal of unity, Mrs. Isaacson had created a group of students she nicknamed “Team Achdut”.The following is the email Mrs. Isaacson sent out at the beginning of the war, explaining how “Team Achdut” was being called into action and expanding its reach. The amazing results speak for themselves!

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 At the beginning of each school year, we welcome new faculty members to the MMY family. Each come with experienced resumes and unique talents and inevitably infuse the MMY class with lots of energy and excitement. This year we welcome 3 such teachers.

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