The learning that takes place in MMY on a daily basis can most definitely be categorized as both intellectually and spiritually stimulating—but sometimes it is that "little bit extra" that makes all the difference in each girl’s overall experience. Optional sichot, late night informal conversations regarding specific topics on the minds of the girls here, a common occurrence in MMY, certainly do the trick.

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A 5 am wakeup is worth it for very few things in life, but the girls of MMY learned that a three day tiyul to the Galil and Tzfat is most definitely one of them.
As we boarded the bus, sleep still in our eyes, the excitement was palpable. Three hours later we stepped off the bus for Shacharit and breakfast, surrounded by the desert hills that can be described only as breathtaking. The day held the promise of excitement and exercise as we re-boarded the bus for the short trip up Har Meron.

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