Wake up is at 4:15 AM, and the buses pull out by 4:40. Three hours later we stop in Yatvata for breakfast (and Yatvata's famous ice cream and coffee!) and then continue on our way to Eilat.  Our first stop is at the bottom of Har Tzfachot, and Rabbi Migdal, our tour guide, leads us on a three hour hike to the top, and then back down. From the top you can see four countries--Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, and we had an incredible view of the mountains that span all four countries, as well as the Red Sea and the beach.  When we reached the bottom, we quickly changed into water clothes and headed to the beach, where we got to swim, hang out, play frisbee, and go snorkeling!  The guide pointed out all kinds of cool fish, some of them really rare, and many of them were recognizable to us as characters from Finding Nemo.  After the beach, we went to our hotel to change and then went to a Bedouin tent for a barbecue dinner, followed by an awesome ropes course built directly above camel and goat pens.  

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What a great evening it was! On Motzei Shabbat, January 18, MMY competed in the annual Yeshiva University choir competition to raise money for Tzedakah via an organization called "Kedma". For weeks before we had countless practices led by our heads Ariella Freedman, Elisheva Rosenwasser, Adina Schwartz and Jordyn Wasserman. We also had an incredible dance that was performed, in sync with the singing, headed by Keili Cohen and Allie Buchsbaum. They worked day and night to put together a beautiful performance. Thanks to Hudy Rosenberg and Adina Fink, who were in charge of creating gorgeous costumes for the dancers and singers. 

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