By Hannah Ash

I had the tremendous opportunity to give a shiur at MMY last week for our weekly Thursday night Mishmar. I gave the shiur L’ilui Nishmat Avi Mori, Dr. Jeffrey Ash. My father became closer to Hashem through his profession, so I knew that discussing the practice of medicine and halacha would be a perfect way to honor his memory.

I discussed the relationship between faith in G-d and reliance on doctors. Although the preparation made me nervous, I was excited to understand what it means to give a forty five minute shiur which not only required textual learning, but also a source sheet that I compiled myself. The work was challenging but knowing that I had an amazing slew of resources- my teachers, friends, and all the incredible sefarim in the beit midrash- made that work less daunting.

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By Shalva Gozland, Current MMY Student

In 1970, at age 22, already a veteran of the Jewish underground, a young man participated in a daring attempt to escape the Soviet Union with a group of Jews on a small civilian aircraft.

This past Thanksgiving, the talmidot of MMY had the Zechut to hear from this moral giant, Rabbi Yosef Mendelevich, world renowned soviet refusenik and former prisoner of Zion, whose unthinkable sacrifices led millions of Soviet Jews to freedom.

Rabbi Mendelevich is a true Jewish hero in our time, who represents the paragon of Emunah, Bitachon, and unwavering Jewish pride.

At a time when he so easily could have lost faith, Rabbi Mendelevich asked not what G-d could do for him, but what he could do for G-d.

I have no doubt that his remarkable story of courage and unbroken spirit in the face of adversity will play a formative role in deepening our understanding of Jewish identity and Jewish pride for many years to come.


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