By Rav Yitzchak Avraham Twersky

There is a common mistake that people make all the time. They think that Hashem took us out of Egypt in order to bring us to Har Sinai and give us the Torah. People often say that the destination of the Exodus was Mount Sinai. They are wrong!

One of the greatest giants of our generation, Rav Zuriel, points out [in his Derishat Zion (parshat Vaera)] that one of the greatest of the Achronim, Rav Meir Simcha of Devinsk [in his Meshech Chochma] identifies Israel as the telos of the Exodus. While we needed to receive the Torah at Sinai, the goal was to then live it in its ideal context, Eretz Yisrael (see e.g. Devarim 4:13-14; 6:1-3; 12:1; 31:13; Shut HaRashba I:134)[1].

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This semester, MMY has started offering a new class on Israel advocacy! Jerusalem U is a non-profit organization that is committed to strengthening the emotional and intellectual connection of young Jews to Judaism and Israel. Various topics are discussed in the class such as refugees, Israel’s establishment in 1948, Jewish and universal rights, Judea and Samaria, the Arab world and the regional conflict. Each topic is taught in a way that provides students with a methodology of how to communicate the facts.

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