By: Mrs. Atara Starr

Did you know that you are the luckiest person in the world? Why, you may ask. The answer: Yom Kippur. We approach the holy day of Yom Kippur with trepidation, the weeks leading up to it are filled with so much intensity and effort. But as the day comes upon us, we must step back and recognize what it’s really all about.

We are all familiar with the Mishna in יומא that states:

״אמר ר׳ עקיבא אשריכם ישראל לפני מי אתם מטהרים ומי מטהר אתכם אביכם שבשמים"[1]

According to the statement of R’ Akiva, what makes the Jewish people fortunate is the fact that HaKadosh Baruch Hu purifies us. If you were to tell me what you feel is the best part of being a yid, would this be your answer?! There are so many things that make us fortunate, the primary answer that comes to mind is our acquisition of a חלק of the Torah itself. So what is special and unique about this purification process?

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      MMY 5776 is off to a splendid start! With G-d so obviously on our side this year, what’s not to be elated about? Rabbi Katz’s nerves were laid to rest when- for the first time in years!- every single piece of luggage arrived safe and sound. Shout out to 5775, sorry JW for the month you had to wait, luggage-less! After Monday’s landing, the girls spent their first day settling into their dorm rooms, unpacking, and unwinding. They were blown away by the organization and personal touch of the MMY staff, who have done everything possible to make the transition comfortable and secure for each and every student. The girls were pleasantly surprised to find their apartment kitchens fully stocked with cereal, milk, crackers, peanut butter, and… most of all chocolate. The survival guide waiting for each girl on her bed was just further confirmation of the warmth and personal touch that they would quickly come to trust.

      By Tuesday afternoon, our girls could already be found packed into the Beit Medrash, listening intently to each teacher’s orientation, poring over their course descriptions, and selecting their top picks for the first semester of learning. Registration went really smoothly this year. The girls were able to purchase their Seforim in a record-breaking total of 1 hour and 5 minutes! Thanks to last years’ Madrichot, MMYers 5776 were privy to an exclusive Toranut training session, so yes, they now know all the tricks of taking out the trash.

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