Presenting the 5776 edition of Kol Mevaseret, a compendium of insights on Torah topics.  Each article is written by MMY students or faculty members.


 This edition of Kol Mevaseret is dedicated to the memory and ilyui neshama of Ezra Schwartz H'YD. 

"Because Ezra was not able to finish the year himself, it is up to those of us who shared in his journey to continue writing our personal stories on his behalf, intertwining his legacy with our own in order to perpetuate his memory." 
Rabbi Katz and his wife vacationing in Boston,  read the editors' dedication and felt it only appropriate to hand deliver copies of the journal to Ezra's parents in Sharon,  Mass. They were honored to hear stories about Ezra and share thoughts about the year in Israel (and of course share old stories from NCSY in New Jersey as Ezra's mother is originally from Highland Park and a graduate of Bruriah High School). 
We are proud that this edition is the largest in MMY history and contains a broad variety of articles and studies to learn from this Tishrei and throughout the year.



Sara Schatz, Current MMY Student

The scene was comical at best: around ninety seminary students, exhausted from a jam-packed Shabbat of spirit and inspiration, dispersed across the stone-paved streets of Tzefat, selichot books in hand. As I shivered in the cool midnight air and stared drowsily into the tinted windows of the local Hesder Yeshiva, I couldn’t help but ponder MMY’s reasoning behind sending us to such an impractical, tiring event that we could have easily accomplished back in local Baka Shuls. Attempting to keep my eyes open, my frustration grew as I pictured my cozy bed back at the MMY dorms.

All those thoughts of irritation left in an instant as symphonic voices begin to rise from the yeshiva windows.

Sitting there in awe, I inched closer as I listened to harmonious call for G-d’s forgiveness in the most uplifting, impassioned tone I’ve ever heard. The sheer kavanah in their voices was implacable.

It was at that moment that I suddenly felt what everyone had been reiterating all Shabbat long: sometimes G-dly connection can come from the most unanticipated places.

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