By Chana Ross, Current MMY Student

After months of hard work, last Saturday night the MMY choir arrived at the Ramada Hotel filled with nervousness and excitement, ready to perform in the Yeshiva University/Kedma Inter-Seminary Choir Competition. Last minute practices were held in the lobby surrounded by eager audience members, as well as hotel guests and performers from the other participating schools. Cheering was heard as Israeli flags were waved in the crowd and posters were held over heads. 

After some words of introduction, schools began performing; each with a different take on the theme of the night, "Songs of Hope" about Jerusalem. The stage was filled with girls and the beautiful ballroom resonated with the creative medleys and accompanying harmonies of hard working girls.

Audience members cheered with every solo, every dance, every bongo beat, and each girl gave it her all, the culmination of months of excitement. After waiting with building nerves, our turn came to take to the stage in our denim button-downs. The dedicated choir heads, Tamar Schwartz, Tamar Yastrab and Deena Sinclair, gave everyone words of encouragement. Once everyone was on stage, time seemed to fly by as the songs fed into one another and soloists walked to the microphone for their part, making sure to smile at our very own Ahuva Schwartz who was a judge for the first time this year.

A beautiful, lyrical choreography played across the stage during one of the slow songs and as the beat picked up, a group of hip hop dancers came to the front of the stage and performed choreography that was carefully arranged to match each beat of the song.

After several more performances, everyone held their breath as the winners were announced. A huge amount of school pride was shown when MMY won third place! Everyone cheered for their friends in Harova and Sharfmans for their victories, and back at MMY we shared a pizza party. Everyone went to bed smiling after a great celebration for our newest choir plaque! The next day classes resumed, but everyone was smiling a little wider because MMY won the bronze!! 



.By Tamar Schwartz & Rebecca Lipsky, Current MMY Students


Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalayim is known for its beautiful, vibrant Beit Medrash, accommodating rooms, and ideal location in the heart of Baka. Now, there is a new feature worth talking about.

As of September 2016, MMY girls can enjoy a new indoor exercise room! Equipped with treadmills, an elliptical machine, mats and weights of different sizes, this facility allows MMY students to stay active and healthy.

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