My First Mishmar

By Hannah Ash

I had the tremendous opportunity to give a shiur at MMY last week for our weekly Thursday night Mishmar. I gave the shiur L’ilui Nishmat Avi Mori, Dr. Jeffrey Ash. My father became closer to Hashem through his profession, so I knew that discussing the practice of medicine and halacha would be a perfect way to honor his memory.

I discussed the relationship between faith in G-d and reliance on doctors. Although the preparation made me nervous, I was excited to understand what it means to give a forty five minute shiur which not only required textual learning, but also a source sheet that I compiled myself. The work was challenging but knowing that I had an amazing slew of resources- my teachers, friends, and all the incredible sefarim in the beit midrash- made that work less daunting.


This opportunity has allowed me to assess my growth from the beginning of the year. I now realize the amazing kochot that I have been given and I hope to pursue the teaching of Torah throughout my life. I know my father would be proud of my accomplishments and growth this year and I am grateful I had the opportunity to give mishmar in honor of his memory.

Hannah Ash was the first shana aleph girl to give mishmar and take over the position from shana bet who had given Mishmar throughout the first half of the year.

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