Rocks & Hope


Shoshana Cohen, Current MMY Student

As with every new cohort, the talmidot of MMY 5778 began their year beside the Kotel, listening to the advice of Rabbi Katz and considering their aspirations for the months ahead. During this time, one student, Shoshana Cohen from London, managed to compose her thoughts and wrote this poem which we share with you. 

The air is a cool caress against my cheek,
Aching and patient and kind.
A loud cry pollutes it, the call to prayer,
A call to prayer that intrudes and invades
And ravages the gentle silence.
The distinct smell of a familiar city.
Houses congregating,
Glowing under a string of twinkling street lamps,
Tucked away on the side of the hill. 

The stone is smooth and slippery:
Under my grasping fingers - elusive.
We sit on stone, under a silent wall of stone,
Mourning the loss of stone,
Of precious stones.

The air leaks into crevices between us,
Encircling us all in an embrace.
The embrace of a widowed mother
Welcoming her displaced children home.
A translucent embrace that binds us as we sit
In maternal warmth.
An embrace disrupted when we stand
And fill the air with the jagged
Sound of ripping resistant cloth and
Aching hearts. Tearing קריעה
On the rocks of the חרבן and on our hopes of גואלה.


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