Eilat Tiyul 5776!

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On Wednesday, February 3rd we pulled out of MMY at 5:00 AM to drive down south for our 4 day tiyul to Eilat and Yerucham!

It was 4 days jam packed with EILAT of adventure and fun!

Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for all of the pictures and be sure to watch the video of this amazing trip! Eilat Tiyul 5776

On the first day we stopped for shachrit and breakfast at the Yotvata dairy farm. We then continued heading south to Eilat to start our hike up Har Tzfachot where we were able to see 4 countries at once (Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia)! After coming down the mountain we headed over to the beach to go snorkeling where we were able to see beautiful fish and just relax. It was then off to the hotel to get ready for our night activity at an incredible indoor adventure park where we got the opportunity to rock climb, learn archery, and take some risks on the ropes course.

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The next morning half of us were crazy enough to wake up very early and head off on a 5 hour hike up Har Shlomo. The rest of us got to sleep in a little bit and had a great time hiking Kinyon Haadom. We then all met up at the marina for lunch and to board our glass bottomed boat to head out to sea for water sports! Everyone had the chance to ride the waves while water tubing, and a brave few went parasailing! It was then off to dinner at Cafe Cafe in the Ice Mall and after that we all go to rest a little on the long bus ride to Yerucham.

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On Friday we went camel riding, hiked the Machtesh, and got to make colored sand art. On Shabbos we got to experience a beautiful davening at the Hesder Yeshiva in Yerucham and had a fun oneg and program run by our rakazot.

When Shabbat came to an end we didn't want to leave, but we are all looking forward to our next big tiyul!






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