MMY 5776- A great new year is being born!


      MMY 5776 is off to a splendid start! With G-d so obviously on our side this year, what’s not to be elated about? Rabbi Katz’s nerves were laid to rest when- for the first time in years!- every single piece of luggage arrived safe and sound. Shout out to 5775, sorry JW for the month you had to wait, luggage-less! After Monday’s landing, the girls spent their first day settling into their dorm rooms, unpacking, and unwinding. They were blown away by the organization and personal touch of the MMY staff, who have done everything possible to make the transition comfortable and secure for each and every student. The girls were pleasantly surprised to find their apartment kitchens fully stocked with cereal, milk, crackers, peanut butter, and… most of all chocolate. The survival guide waiting for each girl on her bed was just further confirmation of the warmth and personal touch that they would quickly come to trust.

      By Tuesday afternoon, our girls could already be found packed into the Beit Medrash, listening intently to each teacher’s orientation, poring over their course descriptions, and selecting their top picks for the first semester of learning. Registration went really smoothly this year. The girls were able to purchase their Seforim in a record-breaking total of 1 hour and 5 minutes! Thanks to last years’ Madrichot, MMYers 5776 were privy to an exclusive Toranut training session, so yes, they now know all the tricks of taking out the trash.

      Wednesday dawned bright and promising! All geared up for their first Tiyul, our MMYers boarded the busses for a visit to Kever Shmuel Hanavi. Our tour guide, Rabbi Eli Migdal, expounded on the history of this great prophet, and the religious and geographical significance of the location in Tanach. The girls had an opportunity to learn about and connect with the great character of Shmuel Hanavi, and to daven at this special place. Then off to Bat Yam they went, for a glorious day at the beach. They spent time getting to know one another over a game of icebreaker. It was cooooold, holding that piñata of ice while melting the barriers amongst themselves. Some brave beach bombers hit the water, and enjoyed a refreshing splash in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The girls enjoyed a picnic dinner before loading their exhilarated and exhausted selves back onto the busses to return to their new home away from home…MMY!

      Thursday kicked off with a full day of real MMY learning! No dawdling around these parts. Arrival & unravel, Tiyul, and a deep dive into the real goodies that MMY has to offer. The Beit Medrash was rocking with energy and the wonderful sound of Torah study. The girls seem to be flying high and are getting all geared up for their first night Seder. They’re looking forward to their first in-Shabbat, and to continued bonding and connecting with their fellow MMY sisters! A great new year is being born!

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