Get to Know our Eim Bayit, Jenny Pittleman!


The most noticeable quality when speaking to Jenny is her warmth. Whether you are a teacher, student, friend, or family member, Jenny’s kind smile and soft spoken voice makes you feel at home.


Originally from Cherry Hill, NJ, Jenny made aliyah after learning at Shaalvim for Women. Jenny has been passionate about teaching since 6th grade after having a wonderful teacher and knew she wanted to go into education. She went on to study at Michlalah Jerusalem College for Women and earned her degree in education. While studying, she worked as a madricha at Tiferet where she built lasting relationships with the students. In 2009, Jenny married her husband Josh who has also became an important member of the MMY family. Jenny went on to teach English at YTA for Boys where she has taught for five years. She explains she has loved teaching at YTA because she feels it is a special opportunity to be able to encourage and help high school students who are trying to work through their aliyah process. In addition to teaching them material, she has also taught them responsibility which she knows will have a lasting impact in the process of becoming responsible adults.



In 2013, Jenny joined the MMY family as an assistentit where she learned with girls in the Beit Midrash. The following year Jenny became the Eim Bayit at MMY and will continue in this position this coming year. Her warm personality and love of Torah creates a special “home” for our students.


Jenny enjoys working in a position of informal education, being able to be available to the girls, and having a comfortable relationship outside the classroom rather than just a formal relationship. She most enjoys having people over both on weeknights and Shabbat. This past year she hosted girls for Tuesday night dinner throughout the year and loved being able to have girls over for each Shabbat as well. Each week the list filled up quickly as all the girls wanted a chance to go to Jenny’s. Jenny feels the that girls at MMY become part of her family. They know her kids and enjoy spending time in her home. This coming year Jenny will also be giving a new chaburah in chassidut.

Jenny especially loves working at MMY because of the unique and diverse personalities of the staff and the student body. She is most impressed with MMY students because of their motivation to learn and grow. She also continues to be inspired by how dedicated they are to Eretz Yisrael. She is excited to continue working as the Eim Bayit at MMY and cannot wait to meet the students of 5776!

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