(NOTE: Many of these courses are not offered every year)

Tanach Overview Courses

מפתחות התנ"ך
Learn essential insights and frameworks that will serve as the keys for understanding the depths of peshat throughout all of Tanach. We will study of some of the crucial threads that run through Tanach, and explore key methodologies and techniques for uncovering the deeper meaning of the Tanach.

עיון בנ"ך
More often than not, when people study Tanach, they learn the "Tan" (Torah and Neviim) and barely touch the "ach" (Ketuvim).  In this course we will be delving into many of these fascinating (and somewhat overlooked) sefarim. The crux of the shiurim will be original insights into these texts. Some of what we will see: We will come to appreciate the structure and meaning of the 5 books of Tehillim, and how they serve as a commentary on the 5 books of the Chumash. We will encounter Tehillim as something worthy of challenging analysis, in addition to a tool for prayer. We will see David and Shlomo through their writings- and how the images that emerge complement their personal life stories (and visa versa). We will gain insight into many of the sefarim that comprise Ketuvim (e.g Iyov and Kohelet, Mishle and Shir Hashirim…- we will even hopefully get to glimpse Divrei Hayamim ). The shiurim will focus on the depths of the peshat, attempting to always discover the larger picture and the light it sheds on the texts under discussion. Through the intense study of these sefarim, we will gain skills, knowledge and understandings that will be useful for all areas of Tanach (and Chazal).

נשים בתנ"ך
This course will take an in-depth look at women in the Tanach, through a textual analysis of the form and content of specific Biblical narratives. The unique strengths and personality traits of each woman will be assessed through studying her relationships and interactions with others and attempting to place them within the larger structure of the Tanach. Special attention will be paid to the way the Tanach portrays these interactions, so that students will learn how to approach a perek with a sensitive eye. Classical meforshim will be used to enhance our understanding of the relevant text. In addition to concentrating on how to read a story in Tanach, this course will emphasize השקפת התנ"ך, the theological messages the Tanach attempts to convey in its characterization of specific women, and what may be gleaned from their example.

פרשנות המקרא
This course is designed to help develop the students'  textual and analytical skills in the study of  Chumash and its commentators. We will focus on a careful reading of the Chumash and we will aim to understand the difficulties and questions in the Chumash which motivated the various meforshim. We will examine and compare the various principles behind the individual commentaries in their interpretations, including their historical background and linguistic orientation. We will also examine the primary sources which underlie the commentaries, and we will discuss in depth the issue of p'shat  vs. derash.

בעיות הלכתיות בתנ"ך
This course will focus on the Halachic issues that arise in some of the well known (and not so well known) incidents that occur in Tanach, primarily in the Neviim.  We will discuss the Halachic difficulties passed by the actions of certain individuals and then examine the various interpretations suggested by Chazal and the classic medieval and modern commentaries to resolve these problems.  Among the stories that we will touch upon are דוד ובת שבע, Yiftach and his daugthter, Shlomo and his Egyptian wife, Esther’s marriage to אחשורוש, שאול המלך ובעלת אוב, דוד המלך’s death sentence against the נער העמלקי, and others.