(NOTE: Many of these courses are not offered every year)

Torah Sheb'al Peh Courses

גמרא ברכות
We will study the seventh perek of Brachot which deals primarily with the laws and text of birkat hamazon.  As part of the regular Talmudic discussion, various laws concerning tefilla and brachot in general will also be covered.  Topics include: zimmun, forming a zimmun group of 3, joining a minyan, the various halachot of answering “Amen”, שומע כעונה, the source and text for the various brachot of birchat hamazon, women and zimmun, honors to guests at meals, ביזוי אוכלים , etc.

גמרא פסחים
In this course we will study the 10th perek of Pesachim - ערבי פסחים. In addition to specific details of ליל הסדר, the perek focuses primarily on topics regarding kiddush, havdalah, brachot and birkat hamazon. Specific sugyot include the prohibition to eat a meal on Erev Shabbat or Yom Tov, matzah on Erev Pesach, Shabbat meals, kiddush in Shul, קידוש במקום סעודה, ברכת הטוב והמטיב, laws concerning הפסק vis a vis ברכת הנהנין, the text of ברכות, כוס של ברכה, קידושא רבה and many others.

גמרא בבא קמא
We will be studying the third chapter of Masechet Bava Kama known as Perek HaMeiniach.  This chapter deals with an area of life that people aren't always used to thinking of in Torah terms: civil law. Specifically, the perek discusses accidents, in which people or their property inadvertently injures other people or damage their property.  We will discuss various types of accidents that take place in everyday life, and ask the question "who has to pay for the damage"?  We'll see how the Talmud derives these halachot from pesukim in the Torah, and applies them to specific cases in real-life situations.  Primarily, this perek focuses on three of the Avot Nezikin:  בור, שור, and אדם המזיק.

תורה מסיני
The term halacha is generally used to signify the normative mode of behavior that is expected of a Jew. However, halacha in essence is a legal process that transforms the Divine word into the living word of the Almighty. This course will analyze the system of halacha and its development through the ages. Topics will include: דאורייתא, דרבנן,תורה שבע"פ, גזירה, תקנה, הלכה למשה מסיני, the right of the Rabbanan to legislate, בל תוסיף, machloket, the status of un-accepted opinions, chumra, minhag, the halachic status of the modern posek, halacha and changes in societal norms, etc. We will analyze how our normative halacha, in all of its forms is in essence "Torah MiSinai".

מגלה עמוקות
Learn how to reveal the secrets of the Midrash and demystify its mysteries. We will explore several key perspectives in the world of Midrash Aggadah through the study of an array of Midrashim (Midrash Rabbah, Tanchumah, Pesiktah etc.) and Aggadic texts in the two Talmudim. We will thereby gain greater understanding of the inner meaning of midrash and uncover concepts and hashkafot hidden in them. We will also see how Chazal hint at the depths of Peshat in the Midrash and Talmud, through the study of selected texts and topics.