(NOTE: Many of these courses are not offered every year)

Ketuvim Courses

שיר השירים
This course has a dual purpose: to understand the peshat of Shir HaShirim and show how the drash reflects the story found within the megillah. We will begin by analyzing the literal meaning of Shir HaShirim by noting specific word usages, themes and general structure.  Then we will develop the deeper meaning of the megillah through an understanding of Chazal and Rashi’s commentary and attempt to bring the two approaches into harmony.

Kohelet appears to be a work written by an author who was pessimistic and confused.  Many who learn the sefer only see its seeming contradictions and have difficulty ascertaining its ultimate purpose and value within the body of Tanach.  In this course we will study the peshat and analyze the contradictions in order to show the text’s unity, purpose and greatness.  Additionally we will study various mefarshim  in order to elaborate on the many themes found within the sefer

The five Megilot will be studied through careful textual analysis as well as through literary and historical insights.  We will also investigate the various Megilah personalities from the viewpoint of midrashei chazal and the classical meforshim.

פירוש דוד המלך על התורה
Each chapter of the five books of Tehillim is part of a larger framework that corresponds to the five books of the Torah.  By understanding the overall blueprint of the sefer, we can better understand the depths of its individual parts.  We will also see how the five books of Tehillim serve as a commentary on Chumash. We will thereby gain a perspective on many key texts in Tehillim, as well as Torah- in addition to gaining a perspective on the overall structure and meaning of Sefer Tehillim.

תקופת שיבת ציון
This class will explore the time period of Shivat Zion. As we learn the books of Ezra, Nechemia, Chaggai, Zecharia, Malachi, and Esther, we will get a broad picture of the time period of the rebuilding of the Second Beit Hamikdash. Using literary analysis we will focus on the chronology, history, major events and characters of the time period. We will discuss the relevance of this period to the present and focus on the lessons to learn from the past.