Upcoming Alumnae Events

An active Alumnae Association hosts many gatherings and learning opportunities throughout the year, in Israel as well as in various communities throughout the Diaspora.

Below is a list of events taking place in major cities around the world during the Fall and Winter of 5774.

Mrs. Katz is in London this week and hopefully you all saw her on Sunday night!

Teaneck: Dec 6-7
Rabbi Katz will be spending Shabbat Nov 1-2 in Teaneck on the Beth Aaron/Arzei Darom side of town. He will also be back Shabbat Dec 6-7 at NJ NCSY Winter Regional and the next Shabbat in a location TBA (possibly Jamaica Estates).

Chicago: Nov 3

Rabbi Katz will be in Chicago on Sunday Nov 3rd and may have time to see people a bit but we arent planning a shiur this time.

Toronto: Nov 4-5

I will be in Toronto on Nov 4th-5th and there is a shiur in the works for Tuesday evening the 5th at approx 7pm - more info to you Torontonians directly in a subsequent email.

New York: Nov 8-9
The big Alumnae Shabbaton in Stern with Rabbi Yedidya Berzon and Rabbi Katz will take place three weeks from this past Shabbat - November 8-9 - Parshat Vayetze.  If you are interested in joining (and we would love to see you there even though you are out of college!) please email us for more info. If you need any assistance making arrangements at Stern, please email Becky Shachter.

There will be a Melave Malka on Sat night Nov 9 after the Stern Shabbaton - Rabbi Berzon and Rabbi Katz will both be there (at Stern - assumedly in Schottenstein Lounge). This is a perfect opportunity for any of you who would like to come see us even if you cant make the Shabbaton.
Silver Spring, Boston, San Diego, Boca: Nov 22-23

Rabbi Anthony Manning (for those that had him in MMY!) will be in Silver Spring for Shabbat Nov 22-23rd. He will also be in Boston, San Diego, Los Angeles and Boca during the week before.

London: Dec 2

Rabbi Katz will be giving a shiur in London on Monday night Dec 2nd at 8pm in the Bet Medrash - details will be sent directly to the Brits in a later email.



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