Mali Brofsky

By: Mrs. Mali Brofsky


What does Chanuka mean to you?

When it comes to Chanuka, we are all aware of the concept of pirsumei nisa – the obligation to publically commemorate the miracle of Chanuka, which we fulfill by lighting our candles and placing them in a window with a view to the public sphere. But to whom are we doing the publicizing? Who is the audience?

According to Rav Moshe Feinstein, it is clear that we are publicizing the miracle of Chanuka to our fellow Jews. Indeed, Rav Moshe believes that if one publicizes the miracle to non-Jews only, one does not fulfill the mitzva of pirsumei nisa!

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Gavriela Colton, (MMY 5774)
(Teaneck, New Jersey, Maccabi USA Volleyball Team)


I've lived in Teaneck, New Jersey for most of my life, with my parents and four siblings- two brothers and two sisters- and I am very much a family person. I attended Ma'ayanot high school in Teaneck and then went to MMY for my seminary year. I am currently studying in Stern college, and majoring in psychology, with the hopes of going into informal education and working for the Jewish community in some capacity. I’m on the basketball and volleyball teams at Stern as well, which takes up a lot of time but is also really fun and rewarding. Additionally, I’m involved with NCSY, which I really enjoy being a part of, and I've done a few Torah Tours with YU (YU sends students to communities who could benefit from the influence of religious young adults over the holidays).


One of the most special and unique attributes of MMY is, no doubt, how MMY presents to its students a variety of completely different ideas and with guidance, empowers the students to decipher and pick apart the issues with confidence and independence. While in MMY, I was challenged to grapple with the idea of complexities and how to resolve them. Many different subjects were raised and one of them in particular stands out in my mind. We discussed the idea of how one can fulfill multiple roles at a time: for instance, a daughter who has obligations to her family, while also being a young adult who yearns to be in Eretz Yisrael with all of Am Yisrael. We also took a look at another angle of the same topic, when the struggle arises from a person having one role that drives her to straddle the line of two opposing traits.

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